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EditFox is a small agency with a big passion for language. We understand the power of words and believe perfectly written prose is a thing of great beauty. We edit and proofread all kinds of texts thoroughly and efficiently, and are determined to rid the world of poor spelling and grammar – one document at a time.

What we do

We proofread and edit all kinds of texts from academic manuscripts and theses to corporate websites and brochures. With our professional eye, we take your work to the next level to ensure it's making the statement you need to make. We are experienced in editing and proofreading texts from all academic fields and industry sectors so you can be confident your work is in good hands.

Your text will be thoroughly checked to guarantee it's of the highest standard for publication or submission. Importantly, our services are quick and efficient ensuring utmost professionalism and reliability throughout the editing or proofreading process.

We love spelling and grammar so you don’t have to
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Standard proofreading includes orthographic corrections, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation and emphasis.

Proofreading plus includes orthographic corrections, as well as extensive stylistic improvements.

Expert editing includes editing of existing text to substantially improve overall quality, as well as proofreading as per above.

CV/Cover letter check includes editing of text for style, tone and consistency, as well as spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.

Price guide

Proofreading: Standard Plus
Base fee for the first 3000 words: CHF 65.00 CHF 75.00
Every additional 1000 words: CHF 13.90 CHF 15.90
Expert editing (first 3000 words): CHF 99.00
Expert editing (every additional 1000 words): CHF 23.90
CV/Cover letter check: CHF 59.00 flat

Please allow 5 days (120 hours) for all services. Additional 20% for 48h, 30% for 24h turnaround. We also work on weekends and public holidays. For longer theses, please email in advance to confirm the deadline.

About editfox

EditFox was founded by Joanna Schuurman, a professional journalist, copywriter and editor. Through EditFox, Joanna strives to make professional editing and proofreading services accessible to everyone, including students. EditFox assists individuals in producing high-quality documents quickly and efficiently, saving them time and costs.

Joanna is a native English speaker with degrees in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Queensland, Australia. As an editor at a Swiss-based international scientific publishing company, she proofread or edited more than 3000 published journal articles across a wide variety of subjects for leading universities. She currently works as Editor-in-Chief of Ediqo Academic Editing, a Swiss company specialised in the English editing and publishing of scientific papers. Joanna has a passion for the written language and is known for her efficiency, reliability and attention to detail in delivering high-quality content.

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Joanna Schuurman

+41 76 404 09 96

General enquiries: hello[at]editfox.ch

Text submission: edit[at]editfox.ch
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